Rubber Boa Information Links

There are many sources on the Web for information concerning Charina Bottae - Rubber Boas. Unfortunately, much of it contains some inaccurate information. Below are some of my favorite links concerning Rubber Boas. Good overall description and nice range information - Canadian

BurkeMuseum Excellent information about WA. Note that they are found in actual deserts too (<10" rain annually) as well as the habitats described. Note that on the eastern border there are five data points, but very little green. This map is heavily weighted towards moist habitats, but ignores the arid areas they also populate. See R.F.Hoyer's comments about probable range in WA.

Comptons Encyclopedia A decent encyclopedia reference

Oregon State (My Alma Matter) Picture of darker colored Rubber Boa, plus range maps of WA and OR.

WA Range map Another range map of WA, but not much other information.

State of Utah Includes link to a rang map for Utah (although probably more widespread than shown). Beware though! This page has misinformation about what they eat, and wild populations do not give birth every year!

Rubber Boa Pictures on the Web

Scarring Picture Here is a picture off the web showing a light colored Rubber Boa with extensive scarring probably due to a burn. See R.F.Hoyer's comments about this picture.

Normal Picture. Here is a picture of a commonly colored female. She is either gravid, or has eaten recently. This is lighter color, but not as light as SRB's.

Cal Acadamey of Science Several nice photos of Rubber Boas. 

General Herp Links See the field observation forum.  A place to learn and share.

Rosy/Rubber/Sand Boa Forums  Forum to discuss Rubber Boas and other closely related boas. Hosted by

Happy Herps LOTS of good info about captive care of snakes with an impressive list of care sheets.

The Basking Spot Very comprehensive list of links and information.

HerpIndex Another very comprehensive list of links and information.




 Adding links I have as I get the time. If you have a good one, please send it to me.

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