This is the first of three major scars on Adair Female #12. She was born in captivity on August 26th, 1984. She was later released as part of a study, and found off and on over the years. See Life history page. In 1994, she was found again, but was heavily scarred. The scar above is one of three huge wounds she suffered. It was 35mm by 14mm, with 10 or 11 vertebrea showing, and flesh missing. The other two wounds were similar also with vertebrea exposed. The cause of wounding is unknown, but from the bite marks, it is assumed to have been a gopher or ground squirrel. After several years of nursing her back to health, she is alive and well, although crawls with a definate limp as she is missing muscle in three spots along her spine. She eventually regained enough weight to produce a litter in 1998. Due to timing difficulties in 2001, she is not gravid, but will likely produce in 2002. She is a testament to the tough and resiliant nature of these gentle snakes.
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